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George Ramsey


Sales Manager

I came across Dave at Atom having researched the “high Profile” major players in the market. Several other companies promised the best service, exclusive opportunities and support. Unfortunately, talk is cheap and substance is sometimes lacking! Atom however was more concerned with the individual. Matching opportunities with strengths, skills, achievements, potential and personality.

To me the blunderbuss approach benefits no one, neither potential employer nor candidate. Goodbye corporate advertising, I’ll take Atom’s bespoke service everytime!

James Hall

National Sales Manager

Optoma Broker Solutions

Having dealt with many recruiters in my time, both as a candidate and employer, I could list a lot of things that I feel are wrong with the recruitment industry. 

My experience is that recruiters claim to match candidates closely to jobs, claim they understand the industry you are involved in, claim to understand your business and the type of people you employ and most importantly justify their fees by claiming all of the above will save you the trouble of doing this yourself - however the reality is normally the opposite!!

Fortunately, Atom Recruitment does not fall into this category. In all my dealings with Dave he genuinely took the time to understand me, my business, the job roles I was recruiting for and the expectations of the person and role.  I cannot recall a single candidate that he put in front of me that was not suitable for the position, even if eventually they were beaten by a better candidate. I recruited several staff via Atom and eventually only went elsewhere if Dave felt he didn’t have a suitable candidate for the role. I would have no hesitation in recommending Atom Recruitment to any Employer or Candidate.

David Wenham



David Rugeley is very easy to talk to, shows a genuine interest and is extremely hard working. He took the time to understand me and exactly what position I would be interested in taking on. He is extremely proactive and kept me informed of progress at every stage. 


David thinks outside of the box and
did not pigeon hole me as other recruitment consultants like to do. 

I am aware that I am not easy to place especially in times of recession however David would not give up and was dogmatic in ensuring that he found the right position for me. The position I accepted was not advertised, indeed it did not exist, however through David's contacts the ideal position for me was created with a great employer. 


I would not hesitate in recommending David as a recruitment consultant.